DM School System was established in 2004, with a sole vision in mind; to provide the absolute best to its students. Education at DM isn’t just something to be learned, it’s a lifestyle. We believe that each child possesses the capability to be something, and we nurture that quality until the child shines in his own light. We are only facilitators, we provide the platform and the resources, the beacon of light that makes the child the real star.

All efforts are directed towards further developing the potential of individuals in a holistic and integrated manner.The mission of DM is to make it a great place to live for all its students. DM teaches students to be active members of such activity-based learning, which allow for concepts in different subjects to come alive in the classroom by incorporating Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social studies, at the same time increasing students’ understanding of observation and appreciation of nature which makes them thoughtful, gentle and compassionate.