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At DM School System teachers are facilitators, documentors, analysers and assessors of the learning momentum.We provide guideline, opportunities, motivation and resources so that children can explore, discover, experience and enjoy in a team environment. The immediate difference we inculcate after a child gets admitted to our school is the love to come to school the next day.



DM School System has evolved as one of the well reputed institution which has been the cradle of creativity and innovation and has been evoking its students imaginations since more than a decade now. At the core of our education philosophy is the goal to develop students with strong abilities and to equip them with the skills that they need to be successful in their future careers. We nurture our students in all the steps of their personality. Students are provided with various exciting opportunities to display their abilities, skills and to think aesthetically, analytically and creatively. We transform dreams in to reality, we provide pathways to our students to realize their dreams through concealing and provide support on every step to achieve their career dreams.



The Society for Academic Excellence aims to excel dynamically in value-based education, utilizing the latest resources and methodologies and in turn provide the society an honest, able and dedicated leadership.


DM School aims to provide, in partnership with the parents, a quality education in an environment where every individual is cared for spiritually, morally, intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally, so that they can make their best contribution to the society.


Dedicated Teachers

To learn more about how our system transforms an ordinary child into a self confident and self expressive human being. Please feel free to visit the school with prior appointment.
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