About DM


“Learn, share and succeed”

The mission of DM School is to challenge every child’s development of personality literacy in a nurturing learning environment supported by positive culture of cooperation among educators, families and community resources.

School values help students to understand right from wrong and they can also help to shape the mindsets and behavior of future adults. First and foremost, children learn by watching and copying. As educational practitioners know, a large percentage of students’ learning comes from watching behaviors of those around them. Children love to copy and act out being older than they are, so the conduct of other students and staff has a huge impact.

Embedding our school values in day-to-day life can help shape each student understand the world. Everyday activities that focus on developing character and values will embed them as an underpinning part of students lives.

This includes:

All of these can go a long way to developing students’ abilities to show initiative, contribute to others and gain respect and tolerance.


Our vision is to provide a learning environment and opportunities through diversity of education and activities, to develop the young people in our care, and to provide a place to learn where they feel challenged, supported and enriched with well-rounded personalities.

We expect high standards of achievement and involvement, which is why we facilitate our students to work towards being the best they can be, in countless ways. We instill in them necessary personality traits which will help them achieve their life objectives like tenacity, perseverance, integrity, intellectual depth, enduring moral values and leadership that will guide them to face the world as responsible citizens of the Country.

DM helps students to balance solid study habits with healthy recreation through a curriculum that gives both equal values.  Added to this mix, is a proactive involvement in social welfare and a good grounding in religion.


We believe all children are intelligent; we celebrate their uniqueness, strengths, interests and personalities by providing them with the best that a teaching institution can.