Pre Primary

Why choose DM EYP?

DM Schoool System Early Years Program

Pre-primary education encompasses educational and teaching services for children, from ages 1.8 to 5.4. Our School is committed to providing a positive learning environment that recognizes the uniqueness of all children. It enables them to realize their full academic, moral, physical, and social potential, thereby producing happy, confident children equipped to take their rightful place in society as well balanced, responsible and independent adults. We aim to achieve excellence in education. Our School’s peaceful and well-secured grounds, together with our team of dedicated teachers, provide a safe and caring learning environment for our young learners.

DM EYP consists of four levels; Playgroup, Montessori, Junior, and Senior.


Admissions begin in January; therefore the age groups listed below are:


1.8 years to 2.7 years


2.8  years to 3.8 years


3.8 years to 4.7 years


4.8 years to 5.4 years

Academic Structure:
Our prepared environment abounds with activities that are attractive and interesting to children and which give them clear messages on how to succeed. Teachers design work that builds eye-hand coordination, concentration, manual dexterity, and self-reliance. Pre-reading and writing skills and basic math concepts are introduced in individual and group lessons at a pace that is developmentally appropriate for each child. Our goal is to nurture and encourage the child’s natural love of learning. The lessons are stimulating and fun. Because they are focused and structured for a group, they prepare the children for the format of an elementary program.

In each classroom, a qualified teacher plans and directs the program with the help of an experienced teaching assistant. This allows the teacher to work with small groups of children allowing for more individual attention.

Within EYP, a child’s social skills also develop as they learn to share, take turns, compromise, communicate and cooperate within a group. You’ll see them develop into an independent, confident, social being, happy to talk to adults, fond of other children’s company, and eager to express their ideas and feelings.