Blogs By Students


Written by : Ayesha Aziz

DM is the top notch cost-effective school in the town which helps every parent to provide good education to their kid easily. This school produces a student as an all rounder star. Providing students with the premier faculty is one of their uncompromising deeds. The school makes students learn a lot with activities which shows the toiling attitude of school towards students. Educating and Upskilling tutees helps them to uplift their careers. Likewise, the environment DM school provides makes parents complacent. Eagerly and excitedly a student loves to be the part of DM as it provides a friendly, secured and guarded environment. Next, the teachers not only teach disciple but also try to teach them the ethics and their fundamental responsibilities towards others. School gives respect to students and also motivates them towards it.
The staff at DM is immensely helpful and kind. They are always there for us and also there to make sure things are running smoothly. Prepared and geared, a student joyfully goes to school as they lay out a myriad of facilities and co-curricular activities. Infact, DM school is furnished with a lot of annual events, which incorporates; sports day, science arena, art and declamation bouts. Additionally they took students to the field trips as well as to the educational trips in order to upskill them.

Annually they made a student council by voting candidates on the election day. The Council performed their respective duties well throughout the year. Besides, students playing in a voluminous playground makes them physically as well as mentally fit and active. Likewise, If a student is a bookworm, DM also provides the spacious library with a massive variety of books.

In a nutshell, the school makes students groomed and boosts their confidence. Also, it provides students with a variety of activities. Most importantly, it is said to be the favorable school in the town providing the finest faculty.